ToD decision automation platform: Public Release

Since April 2021, we have been working exclusively with a small group of accountants in the UK (our Innovators Group) to test our decision automation technology. We have reviewed 2,519 clients across 13,571 accounting periods and we've now made for our initial public release.

We are configuring ToD to analyse output from different final accounts and corporation tax software on a staged, demand-driven roadmap. 

At first release, ToD works with CCH, hopefully followed by IRIS inside a few months, with new compatibilities accelerating after that, prioritised on feedback.

We’re now recruiting our ‘founder customers’ who will be invited to have ongoing visibility of our forward plans and opportunity to offer input and influence direction and priority. If you haven’t done so already, whether you are keen to participate as soon as possible or just want to be kept posted for the longer term, please register your interest. Then complete our brief questionnaire to let us know about your specific interest in ToD, and if you are interested in being a ToD Founder Customer.