Introducing ToD-CoPilot!

I'm super excited to introduce you to ToD-Copilot!

The release of ToD-Copilot is the latest step in Tax on Demand's mission to build tools powered by AI and automation technologies that empower accountants and enable them to better serve their clients.

We’ve built a LLM tool for HMRC's manuals and we're making it freely available to get users’ feedback and learn about its strengths and weaknesses. During this preview phase, usage of ToD-Copilot is free.

Navigating HMRC's manuals is manually intensive and time-consuming:

❌ 154 Manuals
❌ 63,273 pages
❌ 27 million words
❌ 797 new pages (in 2023)
❌ 3,623 page updates (in 2023)

Why use ToD-Copilot?

✅ Up to date information (18 Sept 2023) vs. ChatGPT (Nov 2021)
✅ Optimised responses using HMRC manuals (reduced risk of hallucinating)
✅ Verified answers (references to HMRC source documents provided)
✅ Get notified when relevant manual pages are updated.

Testing and feedback

We know that LLMs are still in their experimental phase and we're very excited to be testing the boundaries. We plan to make regular model updates to continually improve this LLM’s performance. We hope that by providing a FREE and accessible interface to ToD-Copilot, we will get valuable user feedback to ultimately make the tool better for those who choose to use it.

Join in and spread the word

If you're an accountant in general practice in the UK then please do join us on this journey and sign-up (for free) today.

Any questions?

If you have any questions at all, please mail me and I will answer ALL your questions.